11-01-21 Twins: Napping

Monday 11th January 2021

Keanu takes a marathon nap (with me, in bed, under the fan) 3 hours! 2 till 5.

Elektra sleeps 2 hours in car while Kingsley watches bad shows on Erroll’s phone.

Both are very chatty these days with tiny sentences forming ‘bye, Γιαγιά!’.

Wherever Elektra doesn’t wear a nappy she tells us she needs to wee then we encourage her to go to the loo, which she promptly does (or onto the back porch; that’s another favourite spot to wee near where the cat eats her dinner). So off to the loo Elektra trots, arms in movement like an Olympic walker, opens the shower screen door, steps in, legs steady then wees!