07-12-18 Linus Turns 5

I don’t think I’ve seen you happier darling! Turning 5 among your closest kin; a birthday party surrounded by your first cousins on both sides. Baby Tilly, Adam, Aleka, Jiji, Pipi. Even Anthony Theoharous flies in from Melbourne! Jiajia Dora bakes delicious and rich Savoiardi Cake oozing with double cream and almond dust. We’ve two cakes in fact…all the better to festoon with candles (which you want lit, and blown out ad infinitum). 

All day we do your bidding, starting with the instant you (we) wake up: its birthday candles, singing and cake for breakfast. Me, you, daddy and Jiajia. Next you fancy a bulla ice yoghurt, then a Magnum. Then as a threesome family we walk to Coogee village for birthday treats and yet more ice creams.

Oma calls to wish you happy birthday and you insist on more candles. By 11am the family begins arriving and we party till well after daddy leaves for work at 1:30pm. You hand out ice creams and eat a fifth thrm a sixth. Tilly you adore, are gentle with and you even give her your first Leapfrog Tablet. 

Big cousins Jiji and Pipi decide there and then that your pressie will be a day at Sydney Aquarium. I’ve seen you excited in my life but you reach another level of enthusiasm. Holding you booster seat in one hand, wearing your backpack and me stuffing cheesy spirelli pasta down your throat lest you feel the effects of hunger at any stage during your adventures. Off you guys go!

Happy birthday honey! Oma’s pressie awaits you (basketball hoop) as is JiaJia’a (your full school uniform).

For his 5th birthday Kingsley recieves a party at home and a day at Luna Park