03-02-21 Twins: Platinum Nursery

Wednesday 3rd February 2021

A first for our family of 5, and most reluctantly do I feel so obliged to proceed with it, so heavy it plays on my psyche that I really would rather not. And that is to place one or both babies into nursery. Easily the decision as to whom it’ll be has arrived: cannot be Keanu the sensitive one, it must be Elektra so school ready and confident that she is.

In today’s site visit at Platinum Nursery Elektra boldly walked in found a table and chair, dragged out the chair, took colouring marker to pen and drew. Drew and scribbled! Keanu followed suit. Then demanded the pens and when it was time to leave stomped, refused and clutched at 5 pens! Meanwhile Elektra pulls out her seat, gets up and pushes her seat back under the table. Keanu on the other hand just clutches the pens throwing a couple on the ground for effect. Elektra pushes his seat in for him.

Other highlights of the day: a Bunnings visit; creating a TV room for the kids complete with soft flooring, cushions and circus tent, Elektra telling us she wants a wee and actually holding it till a suitable spot is found to relieve herself. Lowlights: Keanu missing his afternoon nap, a screaming Keanu waking Elektra from her midday nap far far too early, Keanu sobbing crying yelling ‘Daddy’ both for his nap and sleep. Did I mention for mumma this is torture!