24-01-20 Twins: Tierney Reserve

Friday 24th January 2020

Last night I felt the shivers of future stress come over me. It dawned on me I’d have all 3 kids today! It shook me! So I booked Kingsley into Bunnerong Gym and aftercare, then enjoyed these two chuppa chups already a year old.

Since it is birthday season the girl wears a frock. The boy is usually very messy so gets a singlet. And sure enough while shopping at Hillsdale Woolies Keanu gets yoghurt squeezie, lamb casserole and plum all over himself.

Two of Kingsley’s mates await us at Tierney Reserve so there we head, Kingsley runs off to greet Louis & Eric, and over the water bubbler I wash two baby bums.

Ever the professional, this mama carries many outfit changes so into two ones the babies go and we head home via Eastgardens.