06-12-20 Twins: Singing Happy Birthday

Sunday 6th December 2020

First Elektra falls asleep – in the car at 11am as the family comes to pick me up from my annual girls Christmas get together, then in the afternoon Keanu falls asleep in the Quinny albeit kicking and crying fighting it all the way to Randwick. But falls asleep he does. And we shop for uncle Jimmy’s 40th gifts (grooming products, keep Cup) walk to Coogee then olinto the car for dinner at Mika’s.

And here the babies sing happy no to uncle Jimmy, daddy (42), cousin Tilly (4) and Big Bro Kingsley (7). The kids sit to eat together sausages, corn on the cob, chicken from the BBQ then can’t sit still for new toys are everywhere.

Highlight for Elektra is taking a bath with Goldie, finding the shampoo and frothing up her hair. The bath is definitely a lowlight for Keanu who is much shyer than his sister and not in the business of bathing with others. I manage to wash him and before you know it he doesn’t want to get out.