03-02-21 Kingsley: Greek School

Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Greek school homework already! Erroll can’t read it but he does know that a)

b) Δωρόθεος loved Greek school this afternoon (his words!) and sees himself going for the term (though he doesn’t know its for the entire year!).

So we are dropping one Jiu-jitsu per week (Wednesdays) and replacing with Greek the child’s mother tongue which I’ll be dammed if he loses.

As for Coogee Public School, Kingsley has as his teacher the delightful Miss Seltin whom he couldn’t be any happier having. Jensen, Isaac and Teah are joining him. He’s comfortable with Miss Seltin even telling Erroll at pick up that ‘Miss Seltin is the second best teacher at school!’. When pressed for the first best teacher Kings was stumped. Didn’t know!