Kingsley: Ramadan Day 25

Thursday 24th July 2014

You cannot understand the sheer ELATION and ETERNAL THANKS we at the office feel to our adoptive homeland’s leader, Sheikh Mohammed, for granting us, as of today, nine days holiday. For today is decided to be the final working day of Ramadan before Eid begins. At 3PM we all in the Legal Department turned in our final documents, turned off our laptops, took off our high heels, stowed them away and popped on some flip flops, then fled the building.

Kingsley was unaware of my hurry to fetch him; he was busy practicing his crawling and push-ups in the baby play pen, watched admiringly by the infant Ruth (I think they have a thing going on). Once home we decided to do nothing other than take a family nap. This is it: no thoughts of work for ten days. Just play and rest; rest and play. Yay!

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