04-07-19 Kingsley: Training Day

Wednesday 4th July 2019

Second day of daddy’s annual leave which means Kingsley gets his fix of Erroll both morning and arvo. I do my part by cooking up bacon for the child’s after school treat and sending it off with Erroll in a tiny new Tupperware.

The lads return home late. Jiu-jitsu training doesn’t go to well again as all the babies muck around, won’t focus on the coaches and since 21 4-6 year olds turn up to the 4pm class there is zero chance for concentration nor skill development. In fact Kingsley loses his chill and refuses to compete on Saturday.

Head Coach Mike takes over the pep talk. You’re going to get back on the horse, compete for yourself and learn, represent this Dojo and when you do – whether you win a medal or not – I’ll be promoting you to a higher belt. And with this he invites Kingsley to train with the older kids. So for the next 45 minutes Kingsley is in awe of how determined and powerful his older students are.

He’s back on his horse this training day.