07-08-19 Twins: Check up

Wednesday 7th August 2019

Γιαγιά Δωροθέα has been anxious over Keanu’s cough and Elektra’s breathing. Weeks of badgering us to pay the doctor a visit. And we do so today; schlep both babies out for our 9:30am appointment neither of them having had their breakfast but both perfectly well-mannered not a peep from them even through Dr. Adam’s examination of their ears, eyes, noses, throats, chests and lungs. And guess what? Keanu and big sis are bonnie babies with all systens functioning properly.

In fact these beauties have been blessed with good health since graduating from NICU. The only suggestion Dr. Adams gave us is to breastfeed more if their poo is giving them constipated grief (!). Oh, and if ever their noses are stuffy, add a drop of breast milk up their nostrils.