17-03-20 Kingsley: Jiji Visits

Tuesday 17th March 2020

Biggest surprise for Linus is being picked up from school by Jiji. Both race home and eat two icecreams each then pick up paintbrushes and create one masterpiece while eating chocolate. Just as Kingsley thought his arvo couldn’t get any cooler, Jiji decides to take him to jiu-jitsu…and watch!

Later on I discover a chess award in his bag. The evidence I need that he attended! ‘Terrific Effort’ is says. Champ. Mind you tonight he almost breaks Elektra’s arm God knows how all I heard was piercing screeches no amount of consoling would stop until Γιαγιά intervenes and rocks her to sleep.

Meanwhile Kings cops a slap on the arm and the full force of my wrath. Then I feed him eggs, bathe him, do homework then BED.

Later on I stay up to paint for him my darling first-born. A fox!