19-12-17 Playdate with Ruth

Tuesday 19th December 2017

What a treat to hit Kite Beach today. For a winter’s day its incredibly mild so for the Ruth-Kingsley playdate we decide to walk from Jumeira 3 to Park House café at Kite Beach. There we found a playground with all sorts of equipment that had these two entertained for an hour and once they began behaving erratically we knew its time to let them run. 

Its the first time I’ve brought along Kingsley’s scooter to a playdate and glad I did as Ruth was ready to race him along the board walk (she brought her identical scooter along too). We left the playground after Kingsley began throwing his weight at Ruth, and Ruth retaliated with dramatic flops to the ground; it was time to let these two out.

And what great investments were these scooters!! Best friends yet again (though Kingsley couldn’t quite give up on winning every single time they’d approach meter markings on the running track).