12-11-19 Kingsley: Snoring

Tuesday 12th November 2019

Exactly one year ago, a year apart, Kingsley is almost a different person so much he us altered. In looks but especially in attitude. Today our son is demanding one minute, and emotional the next. Yells at me then needs my company for sleepy time. Reprimands me then opens his mouth like a newborn  bird, to be fed.

Right now it is 4am and I listen to our boy snore away, Elektra by his side. He slept late as Νονά came over late, with Frank. After school daddy brought Linus home to me for μπιφτέκια. Jiu-jitsu was successful then icecream then the lads meet me at Dog Park.

I can’t cope with how long and lean Linus is so he got 3 eggs and a slab of παστίτσιο for dinner.


One year ago