20-04-17 Thursday Breakfast & Hair

Thursday 20th April 2017

For a rare mumma pampering day I spend hours alone. While Kingsley played at school I did what I wanted to do: walk the village then get challenged with a new hair style. After over four hours in the stylist’s chair, Mummà is feeling fresh!

With Pröthromos my new Greek stylist

Meanwhile Kingsley penned this email to his family…
Dearest familia
I am completely out of myself with happiness that ima off to school. Today for breakfast I ate a whole banana, some strawberries & greek toasty chunky bread n butter. Mummā stuffs it all down my throat threatening me that if i don’t eat breakfast before school pick up my brain will be a wet mess and i won’t learn songs and shapes with the very blonde very booby very YOUNG Miss Ioānna.
Mummā can’t get over how the entire preschool teacher population has a median age of 22 including Mr. Vasīli the PE teacher who no joke mummā mistook for a teenager ftom the neighbouring highschool. Then she embarrassingly thought it okay to ‘hang out with him’ while he took us 3 year olds through calisthenics.
Love Kingsley 

Thursday morning 8:30 chirpiness