25-05-19 Kingsley: Donkey Drop

Saturday 25th May 2019

I sure am a committed mumma dragging Elektra out of her warm bed to take with us to jiu-jitsu early hours. In fact we leave the house at 8am to climb the hill of Alison Road then catch the 353 bus service to Bondi Junction both of us pooped but exhilarating is the feeling of breathing in fresh salty air so early.

Some may say 8am is practically midday so early do their kids wake. But Kingsley has never woken at 4 or 5 or 6 (heaven forbid). I remember the early years when he and I would nap and sleep together. He tried a few times to wake early but I was having none of it. And back to pillow I’d direct his little head. And back to sleep.

But this morning we bound out of bed. Its a commute to martial arts; a commute to tennis and so well worth it. I sneak to the side of the court watching the coach teach techniques to the three 5 year olds. Donkey Drops are a favourite. Non stop do the kids practice their donkey drops catapulting the red balls over the net. Kingsley is in his element.