24-04-18 Barzura

Tuesday 24th April 2018

What a sleep-12 hours for both of us. I should say the three of us since Dorothĕa the Cat was with Kingsley and I on the bed purring all night. That is till 7am when  one of our feet inadvertently kicked her off.

My day is hectic; I’m preparing the room for Erroll’s arrival in early June. The kiddo is a loose canon; no one in particular giving him any mind so he’s feral.

Adam however senses his wee cousin’s abandonment and takes him gardening out the back. They chop down branches and clear away weeds till I’m ready to take us out for brunch.

All the way down Kingsley picks flowers for us and warns who ever is listening that he wants a hot chocolate. That’s exactly what he gets the instant we arrive at Barzura. Then hotcakes then a hot chocolate chaser.