Greece ’17: Selfies with Mummà


A day did not pass that I pressed Kingsley for a selfie. Most reluctantly would he acquiesce though the trick I found out quickly is to promise his favourite ice cream, kaìmāki

For all his brute strength Kingsley is a lover

Day before coming home pregnant – climbing Saronìtha’s mountains with Kingsley

Arriving by bus in sunny seaside Glyfăda

Straight after school for a chocolate milk

Checking out the coastline on our 45 minute journey

Saturday 29th on the bus to Glifătha

11am on the bus to Vārkiza

Thursday 27th after school

Friday 29th after preschool chocolate milk

Convinced Dorøtheos to give me a filāki

Bribery to get a selfie

After our beachside warm water outdoor shower