18-08-18 Autrans Day 5

Saturday 18th August 2018

Kingsley wakes before Natan at 8am though they’re both downstairs in a flash together prepared to eat tasty French eggs and French butter on French baguette.

Our final day in des Alpes is warm again. Off to feed the chickens as a group of 5 and walk about this rural part of Autrans. The boys are stuck together and each follows the other; they’re good mates with low expectations of each other save for playing hard or resting together or eating at the table then starting all over again.

While they were quietly feeding the chickens today Kingsley didn’t even react when Natan kicks then hits him on the head. Mates love each other no matter what. Natan gives his mate an apology by way of a kiss then hug, then they both proceed to run and jump with joy.

Lilly & Kingsley have their own thing going on both enjoying drawing with chalk and rearranging magnets on the fridge.

Lunch is frankfurts & feta salad then Kym drives us down des Alpes all the while bith boys yell out ‘cows”, ‘horses’, ‘les poulet!’, and their favourites ‘lapin!’