21-08-20 Twins: Daddy’s in Perth

Friday 21st August 2020

For our first day and night without Erroll I bundle all the kids out from 11am getting home 5:30pm. There’s no way I would cope with our three stuck indoors, so its a Playdate with Jesse for Kingsley and a long afternoon at Flying Fox Park with all four kids.

Firstly the tone of the afternoon is set to a very sweet tune by a solid 1.5 hour nap sitting in the sunshine the twins snoring away as I play ‘cats purring’ white noise. That combo works every time: bottle of warm milk after a solid play in the front yard +cat purring as I hold Keanu’s hand to nod off. And nod off he does not long after Elektra (but then she falls asleep without fussing or needing my fingers to poke her in the eyes).

Once we four arrive at the playground the older two disappear the younger two I change as they’re sopping. But two is tricky! I’ve got them with no nappy at one stage, wrangling Elektra to get her fresh nappy on, dress her too but I notice she must go to the loo…and to my horror she does! Right there at the playground. As stealthily as possible I clean up, clean her, dress her and send her away, turn to find Keanu and as he suspiciously leans into the slippery slide I notice he’s doing poos…everywhere! Both my kids pooing at the playground!

Later on when clean and dressed the twins get amongst it fending for themselves and making friends. Favourite pastime is climbing the steep stairs up to the Flying Fox fakeggrass landing and staring down the slide. Often other kids offer to slide down with one or the other, Keanu compliant and easy going, Elektra so bold she will take on the big boys to fight for her place in the queue.