06-10-17 Book Tree

Friday 6th October 2017

I surprised Linus by turning up at school today. Was there before him, seated outside the Principal’s office on the sofa. He could not have had an idea that Mummà’s face would be staring back at him the minute he walked into school since half an hour earlier I’d ushered him onto the sxoliko and waved him goodbye.

9am on the dot the school door burst open, I look up from my comfy seat outside Miss Sophia’s office, Kingsley’s beaming face is there! I’m in love! I’ve never loved anything like I do this creature. He stops in his tracks, looks me straight in the eyes, misses a beat then says ‘Mummà you are at school!’

He’s proud; tells his mates ‘there’s my Mummà…’ Asks whether I’ll be staying all day; he’d like to come sit with me. Miss Xrisoūla is on the ball; replies that Mummà is leaving now, off to do some work. Kingsley’s satisfied (the woman has some swaying power. Impressive!) and skips off to class.

I too become satisfied with what Miss Xrisoūla has to tell me about Kingsley’s progress. When overstimulated and unable to regulate his powerful emotions/ physical self, Miss Xrisoūla allows him the very special and exclusive treat of getting out of his seat, approaching the ‘book tree’, choosing a favourite book and sitting under the tree to read all by himself. It calms him down, she said.

I’m calm just hearing her! And with the happiest of hearts I skip off to enjoy the day, just me and the beaches of Lagonīssi.