Kingsley: Week 7

What a mission: to be able to travel with my boy, to Australia. So much paperwork is needed, so many visits to various competent authorities and Embassies, and it does not help whatsoever that Erroll, the “head of the family” in the eyes of UAE Law, is not here to complete the necessary and (unduly) complicated procedures. It is me doing the running around, the little wife, (who holds no sway in the eyes of the law here). [Oh and just for the record, Erroll hasn’t absconded from his manly responsibilities on this front; he has, with my blessing, trot off to train in the martial art of Muay Thai, on the island of Phuket.]

Kingsley in sleep mode, at 7 weeks of age.

Kingsley in sleep mode, at 7 weeks of age.

In order for Kingsley to leave his birthplace – the UAE – and reenter, we need his Australia Passport issued by Canberra of course. But who was to know we also need his Australian Citizenship, his birth certificate both in Arabic and in English, our marriage certificate (attested), parent’s birth certificates, Erroll’s Australian Citizenship from when he and his family settled into Australia back in the ’80s and even an ‘exit stamp’. Getting an appointment with the Australian Embassy itself proved nerve-wracking. Our aim is to fly together as a family, me, mum, Erroll and the boy, on 1st February. Stay tuned…

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