18-12-17 Indoor Crafts

Monday 18th December 2017

After the Christmassy house party we had yesterday with Haarleen, today is decidedly quieter: we stay indoors. All day. And it feels great to! Normally (well, every single day) we take Kingsley out of the apartment, to run or scooter, to play in the park or meet other kids. Well today (since Erroll is home – a rarity) its the three of us pottering about…and doing crafts.

On the agenda: 1) painting with water colours on the balcony; 2) water play with fishing lines and new outdoor jellyfish tank (which doubles as a night light); 3) building towers with bricks; 4) colouring in stencils; 5) playing with plasticine; 6) 3D wonder paint making sun-catchers (done with Daddy while Mummà goes out with Lena for the evening!)

His confinement indoors is limited to today for an invitation came our way for tomorrow: a playdate with Ruth. In the meantime we’ve now got at least two pieces of art thanks to today’s indoor craft sessions…