26-08-20 Twins: Playground

Wednesday 26th August 2020

All day we three stroll through Coogee and Randwick and back. Spring is around the corner and warmth is in the air. These precious days aren’t meant to be lived indoors so out we go the minute I am able to self eject out of 60 Brook Street.

Getting the babies into their buggy most mornings is literally a work out for me: the preparation just to be ready for the day, the babies fed and clean, nappies changed (always a last minute 💩) and desperation for their milk, I haul each in, plug their hungry mouths with milk, then Elektra passes out. She always does well before Keanu.

Now we are off to the Dolphin Street playground for the day where we graze on strawberries and meet 12 month old Finlay who is rapidly introduced to the affections and heavy handed violence that only twins can deliver!