09-10-17 Dinner Date

Monday 9th October 2017

A chance meeting with Phædon and his mum Alexandra outside our apartment block this afternoon straight after school bus drop off led to play at the pediki harā and walks together through our village then surprise of all an invitation over and best of all dinner of classic Greek cuisine served with love by her gracious husband Mārinos.

We adults demolished the food over a heavy conversation spanning viruses, Illuminati, how the Earth is shaped. Pita bread was nibbled on (reluctantly) by the kiddos; they were too busy playing ‘catch fish’ and generally revelling in the happiness of having each other for hours on end, exclusively.

At 7:30pm we had to go. School tomorrow. Even Kingsley agreed we must leave though with great willingness joined Phædon in jumping from couch to table and back again, non stop till their delirium and sweat was self evident. Kingsley did me proud hugging Phædon then his dad and Alexandra bidding them ‘kalī nīxta ke adīo!’ Phædon refused to let his new BFF go; he clung on to Kingsley’s sleeve, then arm then put him in a head lock. Then the hysterical tears started: Phædon definitely wanted Kingsley to stay FOREVER!

We’ll be back; this friendship is solid…