10-03-17 Kite Beach with the Badawis

Friday 10th March 2017

We hadn’t spent time with the Badawis since last December when we all had our Christmas lunch at Nezesaussi at Souk Albahar. That’s three months of travel, holidays, activities and birthdays missed out on. We decide on Kite Beach for our reunion because the weather is exquisite (mild, sunny, still), the Arabian Gulf waters are clean and cool, the boys can run wild, we can get hamburgers and fries at the food trucks.

All was going well until Kingsley expressed an urgent desire to take a wee, which Erroll helped him with: into the salty water went the wee.

Kite flyers and fishermen

The UAE flag as a kite

Hartley-Badawi clan

Kingsley, Leo and Koa

Exhaustion after a day swimming at Kite Beach