08-10-20 Twins: IKEA Chicken Nuggets

Thursday 8th October 2020

Elektra has not said a word all day. Has pursed her lips shut and stares out, everyone and again using hand gestures to indicate what she wants, points, waves her hand in a manner which states “NO” and when really thirsty will accept a bottle of milk which she keeps in her mouth for hours. Lips pursed around it.

Keanu today is inconsolable; miserable and in discomfort. Whether upset because of the itching skin due to the Hand Foot and Mouth spots or blisters in his mouth or hunger but unable to eat, he whines and cries all day. He can’t even fall asleep such is his agony!

Mute daughter and distraught son notwithstanding, our umpteenth visit to IKEA is unavoidable so off we go, via Surry Hills to check out the apartment. Elektra finally falls asleep in the car so Erroll stays with her avd I must schlep the boys in.

The novelty of IKEA wanes after the boys spot the customer service ticketing machine, press every department avd retrieve 100 tickets. They race each other around the lobby then Kingsley has a great idea: cart Keanu around in an IKEA flat pack shopping trolley. Round and round Keanu goes. He ceased whining! I cheer them on then realise we’re in a public place. Its actually funny to me.

Boys instantly turn hungry. Its chicken nuggets and soft serve icecream for lunch.