Kingsley: Development

Sunday 15th June 2014

In just six months our son has forged his own path to a personality as unique as the stars and is displaying remarkable development. Erroll and I watch and learn from Kingsley: the universe is held in the palm of this little person’s hand. We are in awe on the daily.

So far, Kingsley has gained an understanding of how communication can get him what he wants; he shows preferences very clearly now, bestows kisses (open mouthed and sloppy) to us, his parents, and has learned to eat solid foods, after a lifetime of milk. What a champ! Kingsley has come a long way: from being born just shy of four kilos to now, a hefty eight kilos of muscle and bone, this kid is solid.

King at 6 months and one week of age

King at 6 months and one week of age

His developing motor skills are a joy to watch: Kingsley attempts to sit up alone, and in fact every morning, I feed him as he ‘sits’ between my crossed legs.

I remember it was the most exciting, newsworthy accomplishment when King first rolled from his back to his stomach and vice versa. Erroll yelled out. So did I! But my favourite observation was first made only over this weekend past: when our son rose up on hands and knees and rocked back and forth. What a darling! What a rock star!


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