Daddy Daycare

Wednesday 6th July 2016

Its a rare occasion when the stars align for me and I can get out of the house for afew hours. Today it happened! With only a night flight tonight to ensure he gets to on time, Erroll yesterday very happily agreed to look after Kingsley during the day today while I meet up with an ex-colleague of mine…to have lunch and get tipsy! As I said, it’s rare that the universe conspires my way: Ramadan is over (we can eat and drink in daylight hours finally); my friend has a day off (it’s the first day of Eid today); Erroll is on ground; I am in Dubai (the endless travel…) and Kingsley is at an age finally where he can handle his nap times stretching out without resorting to crying.

So this morning I set about ensuring that this lunch date I would be on time for. Very calmly and methodically did I prepare the child for a day with his dad. This included feeding him three eggs for breakfast and letting Erroll take care of the rest. I figure if Kingsley eats heartily in the morning, then whatever these two scoundrels get up to during the day, he won’t starve.

So while I sipped my first (of many) glass of Prosecco, father and son did indeed get out of the apartment into the horrid humidity and heat, attempting to enjoy the park (short lived experience as the sun burned both their heads); play on the equipment (aborted since the slippery dip burnt to the touch) and kick the ball around (no one to play with as the rest of Dubai’s children were safely indoors). So back home they came to shower, watch home videos and movies on the iPad, and wait for Mummâ to get home…


Post Ramadan thirst quenched at Apres at the Mall the Emirates


Meanwhile funsies at home