10-05-19 Twins: 108 Day on Earth

Friday 10th May 2019

Elektra is highly strung, make no bones about that. All night I am to boob her and if she senses I’ve had enough she cries. No moment goes by without her telling me ‘pick me up!’ And ‘give me boob’ or ‘carry me around’. All three I do in order to pick Linus up from school. The little lady accompanies us to Bondi and is back sleeping soundly on me. Today I’m clever: put her on the boob even before she wakes let alone she cries from the distress of immediate hunger. Kingsley trains at the Dojo while Elektra gets the royal treatment at Eastgate Shopping Centre.

The babies are bonnie at 108 days of age. That’s 3 months of age. Now that the weather has turned Autumn chilly I dress them in layers and gloves. Keanu tends to stay home with Jiajia as he likes his fluffy bed. That means I’m mainly with Miss Elektra. Oh but when Freūdle and I clock eyes he smiles so sincerely and coo’s till I wrap him up in my arms.