11-06-20 Twins: Tonsillitis

Thursday 11th June 2020

Finally a reason why Keanu is constantly crying or grizzly, off his food, has a temperature, shakes from fever and vomits: diagnosis to tonsillitis. He’s in such bad shape, needing to feel a human hand on his face for comfort, refusing food. Now we know why: those inflamed tonsils.

So Dr Eliades has him on amoxycillin and we have him on Neurofen. Meanwhile Elektra continues to display her brand new walking skills, all throughout the surgery. I’m forever telling punters ‘fear not; we’ve been tested. We’re Covid-19 negative’ especially to those who attempt to block our entry into lifts! 4 people in lifts at any one time is a joke. And we’re not standing for it. Today I literally told a crabby old bird that she has no fear from us infecting you rather it may be you with the covid infecting us…

Bulldozed our way into the lift without a second thought and went our merry way.