11-05-17 School-Treat-Beach

Thursday 11th May 2017

With as much audacity and confidence as his mumma has, Kingsley gets to ride in a red canoe this afternoon. He usually gets what he wants (within reason and to be honest moreso on my watch than on his dad’s!) But a canoe ride? Even I have never coughed up the courage to ask a stranger.

So how did this happen? Just by asking! Kingsley, wading in the shallows, called out to a fine young fellow canoeing in the deep. Kingsley at first greets in his very Greek manner “Yiă-Sou” which elicited a surprisingly eager response from within the canoe. Next was “Tī kānete?” (or, what are you doing?) and since the dialogue was flowing nicely between three year old Kingsley and youthful athlete the young one asks whether he may have a ride on the red canoe.

Before I know it Kingsley’s going in deep and Ari as he’ll tell us later on is his name, paddles to the shallows, hops out and with arms outstretched Kingsley is plopped into the seat by kindly Ari. I of course run/wobble awkwardly for the camera. Poor Ari with that view.