04-08-20 Twins: Loo

Tuesday 4th August 2020

Well these little love bugs just won’t let me alone. They follow me to the kitchen, the follow me to the toilet, and here in the loo they destroy the toilet paper rolls tearing them to shreds and pointing with tiny fat fingers that we put the paper in the loo.

Elektra continues to inform us that she needs a poo. The grunts, holding her breath, squeaks and stopping in her tracks. Swooping her in my arms taking off her nappy and scrambling for her potty seat plonking her on and waiting. Waiting till she goes.

Keanu likes to watch but hasn’t shown any interest in telling us he is ready to do a poo. Au contraire; the boy does it then wants to resume playing having stopped only to grimace, strain then go.

Here they are dressed like two crazies: Keanu in Elektra’s finest Disney top in homage to Bambi, and Elektra wearing Keanu’s blue PJs.