03-09-19 Kingsley: Mumma Maccas

Tuesday 3rd September 2019

So proud! Lill man receives an award for chess (evidence that he actually attended!) for GREAT EFFORT. The little blue paper award he stuffed in his bag and only this evening do I see it (along with his uneaten cheese bread roll).

I’ve all three kids today from morning till evening when Erroll comes fetches us from Bondi Junction. That’s 12 straight hours and by the end of the day I forget Kingsley’s school bag outside of the Dojo, on the street, and without much resistance agree to hit Maccas for a medium pack of French fries (hold the salt). I have a low grade headache which won’t budge so any suggestions Kingsley makes tonight I’m open to. My hands are too full to be able to drink water (I’m surely dehydrated). But my Kingsley gets his Yakukt and blueberry laban, so he’s fine.

Our morning is wild and chaotic, for Erroll leaves early leaving us four behind. Photographs and selfies while I feed Kingsley then change nappies. The babies adore their big brother. And big bro is attentive though his jiu-jitsu moves every now and again cause pain. The squealing baby cry I know means Kingsley’s put one of them in an arm bar or rear choke hold.

Not ones to rush, even when school calls, we potter in the front garden Linus funding snails and spiders, marvellous flowers and actually wants to pose. A first!