Kingsley: Visiting Hummingbird at 3.5

Monday 5th June 2017

After a morning spent feeding our local camels and sweet orphan donkey Fritz at the Zabe’el Vet, we pay a visit to our beloved Hummingbird Nursery – Kingsley’s second home from the ages of 6 till 15 months.

Even before we walked in, Kingsley’s reaction was all enthusiasm and delight: he wanted to get inside and play. For nine months of his life all he did was play and be loved, fed and napped by the best nannies in Dubai, his Hummingbird nannies. So it’s no wonder his memories of this place are wonderful and positive.

Miss Keěnie was at the front chatting with Miss Grace one of the teachers. Both immediately recognized the giant blonde baby they used to look after – Kingsley – and let him in. What next happened took all of us by surprise. Kingsley went up to Miss Keěnie to give a hug, a heartfelt hug, turned a little to his left and offered Miss Grace the same. We three adults got weepy then trot inside the nursery for Kingsley to play on the structures he used to crawl over…