15-05-17 Final Monday of School

Monday 15th May 2017

Its getting real now: the last of preschool days for a very contented and steady Kingsley. The positive influence of sending him to a quality language immersion school has been profound. I’ve already sown the seed into Erroll’s brain that we’ll be sending him again this year, some time in Autumn.

But in the meantime he gets the jollies of a school bus ride morning and afternoon, and since the sun is blazing hot he gets an ice cream cup as we walk to the beach, strip off and swim in very clean waters.

He makes a friend at the beach today as well: little Giorgio who is at first reluctant to speak and borders on insolent. However with a tenacity to engage others Kingsley discovers Giorgio is but shy and not usually approached to play. Therefore he shuts others out before others get the chance to hurt him.

Kingsley’s sweet temper and willingness to please make him the ideal playmate to introvert Giorgio: zero competition but all smiles. As a reward to Kingsley for invoking the cheerful side of Giorgio, he is invited to ride in the big seaweed truck driven by Giorgio’s dad. A first for the most excited 3 year old on the planet!

3:30pm precisely school drop off

First time in a truck! The local council seaweed removing truck

Crystal clear water in Saronītha. No floaties.

Swimmies after school