14-03-19 Kingsley: Mathletics

Thursday 14th March 2019

We are on a winner these days: online maths lessons via the ‘Mathletics” app. Farewell histrionic desire to play on daddy’s tablet or mummy’s phone. Well, this was the welcome outcome by the end of the day. I woke from a nap at 7pm to find Kingsley in bed completing his maths homework online. He loves it!

But gee it was very different this morning. I was badgered to ‘watch a movie’. Of course it was a ‘no’ from me, advise i was given by Miss Sophia the owner and Principal of Aepolis. Strictly no television in the morning before school.

As such the child got to read a book with his dad this morning and interact with his
Siblings. All-access Mathletics will be tonight’s treat.