27-06-19 Kingsley: GFT Patches

Thursday 27th June 2019

School is a treat today: the year 6 cske stall fundraiser is a hit with the kindy classes who at 10:30am get first dibs on the offerings. Erroll furnishes Kingsley’s pocket with $4. I’m thinking for that amount of money we’ll get cake sent home with him. But no; he eats it  all at school!

Its Leo’s mum who spills the beans: Leo ate all the cookies and cakes. So I ask Kingsley where are our cakes he purchased. I ate them all, he smirks. I’m so tired at that stage from carrying Elektra that I don’t even care. Two Bulla frozen yogurts are produced from a coolie bag and Kingsley looks at me like I’m his superhero mum. “Would you like an ice cream, Leo?”

The two brutes enjoy their strawberry Bullas all the way to the bus stop. Here the lads part ways but not before they hug. Leo thanks his class mate. Kingsley beams.

We’re now on our way to collect his Gi from the tailor GFT patches now sown on; Kingsley is ready to compete on Sunday.