03-10-20 Twins: Bunnings Alexandria

Saturday 3rd September 2020

The inevitable happened today while Kingsley enjoys a Playdate at Jensen Honey’s home: the rest of the Hartleys go shopping at Bunnings Alexandria – a first for me! I’m up into the aisles with Elektra who’s just woken from her midday nap, Keanu still passed out in his seat…and the home renovation vibe in this mega store is addictive! So much one can be inspired by!

Elektra is living her best life being carted around in the trolley though by the end of our 2 hours there her leg goes pins & needles hanging from the trolled no doubt her blood flow to the lower limbs is stifled. She wants out immediately after spotting daddy and the now woken Keanu.

Prior to our ride Keanu gets his fix for sweeping. So invested in the broom, this kid! Fights with Elektra for the broom each day (though Elektra plays dirty pulling his hair, making him cry, the broom handed he releases and she yet again gets her way.