18-08-19 Kingsley: Brothers

Sunday 18th August 2019

Bliss for mumma: a sleep in albeit till 8:30 but that’s fantastic considering the pace of life while Erroll’s been gone for work these past few days. So today I don’t get up to prepare Linus for his swim school nor get him breakfast. All I am doing is snuggling up to Keanu in bed with Dorothea at my feet.

The boys come home, our neighbours cone over and with them they bring their trampoline…which is now ours! Cookies and magnum ice creams for Liam and Jake! Kingsley of course won’t let them part ways so goes over for a play.

This arvo is bonding time between brothers: they lay in bed cuddling; well not really. Kingsley does jiu-jitsu moves and Keanu squeals. Big brother mounts little brother, gets his hooks in and arm bars him. Keanu squeaks. Little bloke searches for big bro whenever I am successful in telling Kingsley to get off him. On jumps Kingsley again, and Keanu is thrilled!

As night falls we four hit the pavement for a grocery shop; in actual fact to buy something to add into Kingsley’s lunch box. All 3 kids are fantastically behaved and we hit the sack in time for Kingsley to be snoring by 7:30pm.