05-07-17 Three of Us

Wednesday 5th July 2017

For the third morning in a row Kingsley wakes at 10am, plays softly in bed and only obliges me to get out when he moans his tummy is rumbling from hunger. ‘Pinăo, mumma‘ he repeats as I squirm on my pillow (so comfy). We’re in the kitchen at 10:30am and the food festival begins: glass of milk, a Babybel then a second one, a banana then an apple. Finally buttery toast. And all of this before Erroll emerges from a 13 hour sleep, at 1pm.

Enjoying Thomas the Train

Its just the three of us today; no visitors and nowhere in particular to be. The lads go for a swim at Rolex while I do absolutely nothing save for eating lunch in the quiet of my own company.

Learning about feet

Our family evening is spent by the pool and we watch as Kingsley takes great leaps into the water with no fear. Tonight’s game is ‘hide from the shark’. Erroll is the shark! Home at 8:30 for eggs and apples. And once again I learn my lesson: ipads at night create in Kingsley a monster. NO MORE IPAD AT NIGHT.