08-03-20 Kingsley: Fur Elise Beethoven

Sunday 8th March 2020

A first! Buying a soft serve icecream from the icecream van. We heard its music – the singular melody of Beethoven’s Fur Elise as we walked down Alison Road from Randwick. Kingsley chose a vanilla cone with chocolate straw. Keanu was desperate for a lick! Kingsley ate as much as he wanted then threw out tge rest for birds to eat.

That’s his third icecream for the day, the first one from daddy as they drove into Eastgardens at 11:30am. The second with buddy Lawrence at the soft play, then this one at 5:30 as we trudged home.

Kingsley, I may scream at you alot, every day but I adore you and want your company non stop. Tonight in bed you complained that I scream at you. Its TRUE, I do yell. And I will stop doing so. I want your childhood to be ideal and loving, crazy mum and all!

So here’s to lots of icecreams and ever more hugs darling.