06-08-17 Dermatologist

Sunday 6th August 2017

We are definitely getting through all body parts these days with frequent visits to medical experts. Today’s organ under scrutiny was skin; Kingsley’s skin. Fifteen minutes with Dr. Dania the Dermatologist was all it took to hail Kingsley free of concerning moles and harbingers of skin ailments. Dr. Dania did however give me a stern talking to regarding the child’s sun exposure. Its far too much. She referenced his light eyes; said they are a risk factor. So keep the child out of the sun.

I wrote to his Oma; told her she will be proud to know Kingsley was a true gentleman – walked in to the clinic, greeted the doctor by name and extended his hand to shake hers, answered a few questions with an easy politeness and sweet temper then did as she asked. Hopped on the examination bed, removed garments, rolled backwards then lay on his stomach. Dr. Dania and her nurse were clutching their pearls that such a model of good breeding was before them! I just wanted to cuddle him and feed him Baskin Robbins icecream and take him to the beach. (Bad mummà).