06-09-17 School Bus

Wednesday 6th September 2017

My heart is bursting from its ribcage this morning: so keen, so excited, so joyful to get to school. Miss Christina welcomes Kingsley on board, I’m allowed to jump on for photos, then the young driver (who is also the PE teacher) whisks the kiddies away.

We’ve begun the school year as we mean to continue: early nights (in bed by 7:15), early rising, milk then banana then an apple, dress (reluctantly) and mosey down to wait for the yellow bus.

I’m back down to the street at 2:10pm. Kingsley’s come home! He runs out of the bus (again, no kiss for mummà) and we’re playing immediately. Pedikī Hara for hours with little Panayiöti & Nikos while I feed our scholar banana, grapes and JiaJia Dora’s roast potatoes.

By the evening we’re at the beach. Kingsley wants to swim and he does so with ease; the body board Miss Tati gave him has proven invaluable. Once again hand-feeding the littlest swimmer his favourite-a huge fresh sesame bagel is my life’s work it seems.

By 7:30 we’re in bed. Tonight’s story is “Aladdin and his Lamp”. 8pm its lights out. Schools back for good.