26-12-20 Twins: Boxing Day

Saturday 26th December 2020

Today a first: Kingsley myself ahd the babies walk next door to deliver Christmas cheer by way of a home made bowl of Port Wine jelly and koulourakia. Little street urchins no shoes hair in messy buns we are on Brook street then the puppies of next door welcome us in to Bridget and John’s. Kingsley stays to play and watch telly, I take the babies back for the pleasantness of a midday nap in bed me between them the air con cranked high.

Marlen takes Kingsley for the day then into the night she asks whether he can sleep over. OF COURSE!! Emphatically we screech down the line. Two babies and two adults the ideal ratio. Erroll and I can’t believe what an easy ride two kids is during bedtime! We literally don’t know what to do with ourselves! By 8pm the wontons are snoring and we adults convene in the kitchen to eat for the first time in peace.