02-11-20 Twins: Oma Over

Monday 2nd November 2020

Now that Erroll and I are united in our endeavours help both babies with fulfilling their respective needs andccurbing how that manifests in behaviours (Elektra, jealous rages, pulling Keanu’s hair; Keanu quiet child wanting to enjoy his life without the unexpected shock of being violently attacked unawares), we implement a strategy to keep both babies safe and joyful. And that is that there will always be, at any one time, two adults together looking after or playing with the two babies.

And so today with Oma coming over, both babies have ample space to thrive unencumbered by the other. At all times the twins had two adults playing with them. Never were the twins alone and never was one adult with two (except for me; I can joyfully play with both and not allow the other to get worked up).

And as a first – Elektra did not pull Keanu’s hair! 24 hours without the yank; 24 hours without darling Keanu crying from shock and pain at being scalped. Keanu instead played trains and basketball with Kingsley and Isaac. While Elektra got to spend quality alone time with Γιαγιά in the house then Oma out on the kitchen balcony. Not one tragic jealous rage! Just smiles and chatting and eating κουλουράκια.