Kingsley: Face to Face

Thursday 10th July 2014

This is the face to which I fall asleep and the one hours later that greets me as I wake. There is no getting bored of the view from my side of the bed when the scene is as good as this. A sweet face that holds the world’s potential is all I see; our flesh and blood. The soul stirs.

How gladdening to know that as much as I adore the little person who owns this face, he too adores me. Its mutual! I wonder what Kingsley senses, knows – what he sees – when he looks at me. And whether he is overwhelmed by some primal urge to be close, closer, completely a part of me, as I am with him. Flesh and blood indeed.

Panesars 003

Kingsley the darling of our lives

Kingsley the darling of our lives


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