19-02-19 Kingsley: Discipline & Skill

Tuesday 19th February 2019

Each morning Erroll helps prepare Kingsley for school. The usual sequence of events: wee, milk, breakfast, getting dressed, poo, brushing teeth then hair, shoes, bag, kiss those who are awake, goodbye.

Today he adds one more activity to his repertoire: practicing his reader which is entitle ‘At the Zoo’. The child reads it in preparation for a solid foundation and love of the written word. Its matter of discipline and skill: consistent and frequent attempts to read plus actually sounding out letters, syllables and words.

The same can be said of his after school activity. Sensai tells all his pint-size students that this defensive martial art has at its core discipline and skill. And the reward of a stripe will come when Sensai sees the demonstration of both.

No stripe as yet for his belt. But soon, Sensai believes; soon a stripe comes to reward Kingsley.