22-11-17 Action Twins

Wednesday 22nd November 2017

In the afternoon we head on over to Kingsley’s Great Granma Bonnie’s for dinner. She fixed her delicious chicken soup, the same one Kingsley as a two year old enjoyed for the first time last year. Today was no different: insisting on spooning every mouthful himself, even telling me ‘no Mumma; I can feed myself’ (which made me sad) and eating crackers and cheese (Colby) just like his Paw-Paw does.

But we didn’t eat straight away. The baseball game came out and we hit a few home runs before being called in for our dinner. Clear and fresh, and just a little bit chilly, perfect conditions to run around the back yard until Uncle Bill came over bringing with him toy cars for Kingsley. Just like he’s done during his previous three visits here, Kingsley gets on granma’s kitchen floor to play toy cars with Bill and I.

By 6pm Kingsley can’t keep his eyes open. Time for bed. The baseball game comes home with us to Paw-Paw’s; the plan is for us to play baseball all afternoon tomorrow after Thanksgiving…that is if these action twins let anybody else play with them…