05-08-16 Hamley’s

Friday 5th August 2016

Dear danceparty goers,

Here are images of my Friday night. As you can see I still like to club with freaks wearing full body outfits, their eyes googly from lack of sleep and god knows what else. I still get excited by hitting a music bar and busting moves along with other punters. Kingsley is proving to enjoy a dayclub as much as his Mummá, and this late Friday arvo we happened to bump into Kingsley’s current crush, Masha, the sweet rural Russian girl who has as a friend called The Bear, at his (second) favourite place at the Dubai Mall, Hamley’s. Wild times indeed.

Our first encounter while at Hamley’s was with Cookie Monster and his ruddy mate, Elmo. These two made their VIP appearance among great fanfare and loud thumping music. We had just arrived that very minute. When a throng of partypeople pushed toward them, Kingsley and I were thrust into their fuzzy torsos. A photographer liked what he saw, told us to ‘hug the celebrities’, directed me to ‘hold this’ then papped us clutching the Sesame Street logo. As much as I love Sesame Street, I didn’t get a Dirham for the promo, so now I am a little pissed off. Never mind; we rubbed shoulders with Kingsley’s heroes.

Next was a cuddle with cute Masha. She was sweet but I just couldn’t understand how she could breathe in her gimp-like get up. The Bear was no better in is thick woolly suit, but at least he was off in another corner chatting up some yummy mummies (clearly I am not). Just like Cookie Monster and Elmo, Masha, was rendered speechless by the party atmosphere at Hamley’s. Kingsley liked her more from a far yet when it came to close encounters, he played it cool. Didn’t make for a great photo, but then you never really get the best shots when partying with freaks. Right?

image image