Kingsley: 6Yrs+03Mths

Saturday 7th March 2020

Already 3 months into your 6th year and I want time to slow down. You’re adventuresome and courageous wanting to climb what most would consider dangerous. You want to dive into huge rips and meter high waves, weather never an obstacle to an opportunity.

Today we spent hours together since daddy is on the Gold Coast. We walked for hours and for miles. Coogee to Bondi for jiu-jitsu then Bondi to Queens Park to explore. From here to Randwick as our weekly library ritual continues. Then home to Coogee.

Sometimes you’d crave to be home, ‘I’m tired’ you’d complain. But just one glance here or there and you’ve discovered a new wall to climb, a new flower to smell, an abandoned bottle to recycle.

Happy 6 years 3 months, champ.