24-06-20 Twins: IKEA

Wednesday 24th June 2020

The below images sum up our two babies well: the little lady a hog for attention and forever ready for an adventure. Our little man snug as a bug, cuddly and wanting the warmth of layers, the sun or our arms.

We start this our first foray into IKEA full of hope and dreams, both kiddies excited and curious happy to be stuffed into shopping carts nibbling Swedish crackers.

And then we end the IKEA shopping experience still eating Swedish treats but feeling daft as there’s not enough room in our car for the flat pack shopping boxes and the double stroller and γιαγιά. So onto the 422 bus service we hop, me and the babies, en route to Broadway then Chippendale then Central then Bondi Junction stopping at each place to shop, eat grapes, suck on squeezie yoghurt, gulp blueberry Filmjolk and finally hitch a ride home with Erroll & Kingsley.